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Aug 14, 2009 6:30pm EDT
know, a lot of people talk about max bachus. max bachus pays attention to what people say in montana. he does. there's been single payors in his state. and this republican force is going to die. when grassley said the other day he pretty much admitted this was a farce, chairman baucus knows he has to get a bill out of this committee and if he only has democrats to work with, guess what the majority democrats on his committee favor a political option. if he's going to get a bill out of this committee with zero republican boats it's going to have to have a public option in the senate finance bill; otherwise, there isn't going to be a bill, right? and he knows there has to be a bill. so it matters what you say. it's one of the reasons i've been very careful not to criticize individual senators. i don't mind talking about their views because at the end, i think we're going to get almost every democratic senator. almost every one because there's not going to be any republicans. they're not going to be interested in forming the bill and, therefore, the democratic caucus is going to have a
Aug 19, 2009 8:00pm EDT
with people of the finance committee. as i said during friday in mantegna and others, -- in montana and others, our preference is to work through this process and hopefully come out with a bill that has agreement among both parties in the committee. >> are you expecting any republican votes on this bill in the senate or in the house? >> i think there are many that would like to see some health care reform. i trust that the three republicans that working in the senate finance committee are doing so in good faith. i have no reason to believe that they are not. >> how is it a you can achieve a bipartisan bill when it seems you are having trouble achieving a partisan bill, between the blue dogs and the progressives in the house? >> there are blue dogs on the energy and commerce committee that voted out a bill on the house side before we left for recess. this notion that it is impossible even to get an agreement on our side with what a health care plan looks leg belies the notion that this is legislation that went through three committees on the house side. the notion that we cannot get something d
Aug 20, 2009 8:00pm EDT
like joe montana here and to make it a perfect throw, and running decently just barely gets nipped there, the defense playing great there, in the sixth, led off with a walk, a ground ball by morgan, ground ball to second, another nice play there. they -- we steal the bag, safe at second, zimmerman then grounds to short, and then doubles down right field line by dunn, plate to the run, and then willingham flies out to center field. this was really our only chance. but ran the fastball in on him there after throwing him a lot of off speed and breaking balls throughout the series. >> well tomorrow is a very special day here at nationals park because it's gonna be a big day coming up. stephen strasburg will be in town but also on saturday a chance to join picnic in the park fans for all the season ticket holders. that will be 1:00 to 4:00. activities include you can throw a pitch in the bullpen. you can visit the nationals dugout. you can run the bases. you'll be able to get some player autographs and photographs, plus a q and a with the nats broadcasters and all so specialty guests. t
Aug 4, 2009 8:00pm EDT
. >> my colleague from montana brought up the testimony from mr. ludwig, i want to go into another area of his testimony that i found very interesting. he makes the point, and i'm sure he could make it much better than i, which he may get a chance to do later, but he would suggest avoiding a two-tier system that allows the largest too big to fail institutions over smaller institutions. he makes the point that perhaps it would be also two-tier regulators, the best light it is in one system and others in another. the--- to regulators in once -- the best regulators in one system and the others in another. and not treating a bias and the system that would be in favor of those institutions to develop over those that were not too big to fail. >> there are a couple of questions, one being weather should be tier one entities designated as to begin fail, regardless of the occ and oversight. and weather as part of regulatory consolidation that you have a regulator based on size. we have concerns about designating institutions formally as tier one. i think you could probably say he was not, based
Aug 17, 2009 8:00pm EDT
at it if we want to reach across the country, that's why the president was in montana yesterday in a community not considered typically democrat. he's reaching everywhere to engage the american people because there's not person in this country that isn't touched by healthcare or who right now is not adversely effected by the current healthcare system and it's growing worse every day. that's really the effort to reach out that we're talking about. [applause] >> okay. this question, kind of touches on the seriousness of the debates happening. there's a feeling there's a substance and a lot of noise taking up air time. from jack and jill politics. do you believe the birthers are a, crazy b, racist or,c both. those are your options. [laughs] >> interesting options. i mean come on you guys. this is ridiculous. of course he was born in the united states. unless they don't want to think of hawaii as the united states and maybe some people don't view that. but i think that, i mean the good thing about our country is everybody crazy or not is allowed to have a voice. that's what we do and i wasn't ca
Aug 26, 2009 8:00pm EDT
. senator bacus, very close t the hospitals in montana. cuts in nursing homes and health agencies. on a proportionately basis. i don't want you to get into debate here, for the point of seniors, benefits are not changing. paying nursing home less for their posthospital stay, ising that go to affect your care? they're trying to slow the growth rate saying, if we are going to cover 47 million people the money has got to come from some place. ising that going to affect benefits -- is that going to affect benefits? it could. host: what's a d.r.g. guest: diagnosis related group. host: what is it and how is it part of medicare part a? comboip there was reform in the early 1980's. if you were a hospital you sent in your costs for everything, the nurses, the laundry list, medicare paid your cost. it led to rampant inflation. congress said we're going to figure out what the cost of a heart bypass operation is, everything, and we are going to tell the hospital in philadelphia that your total costs are $50,000 on average. call us later. so the average hospital stay is 10 days, you make it wo
Aug 27, 2009 8:00pm EDT
are determined in law by congress. host: does a general practitioner in montana get paid the same as one in new york city? guest: no, because part of the formula is supposed to account for the cost of maintaining a medical practice. about half of the physician fee is not based on what they take time, but what it costs to run their office or practice. rents in new york city are substantially higher than in montana. those differences are built into the formula. host: is that where the national coverage determination comes into play? guest: no, that coverage speaks specifically to what medical procedures for tests medicare will pay for. technology is changing. medical practice is changing. medicare like every other insurer must decide if and when it will pay for some new treatment or approach. historic late, in medicare most of those decisions were made initially at the local level by the carriers, the private companies who under contract to the government manage the program. each had a medical director and they in turn had advisory committees. when something you came along they would decide wheth
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7